Day In A Life | Chasing after Joy and a long time dream!

I like to smell Joy and give her a kiss when I wake up. After that I stretch on bed for a bit before tiptoeing out of the room for a glass of warm lemon water. Joy doesn’t take formula at all, so every weekday morning, after I’ve had my lemon water, I fill up a small glass bottle with fresh milk and then I fill up her water bottle.

I go back into the room and head to the bathroom to brush my teeth, clean my face with water. Next I put on my eye cream, a light moisturiser (self-made, absorbs instantly) and sunblock. I can barely last 20 seconds but I plank while waiting for the eye cream, moisturiser and sunblock to settle. After which, I switch on the toilet light and put on my make up. I now put on some kind of mineral make up every single day, because I need to be the guinea pig (more on this later).

When the make up is done, I have an hour or more to plan my day and/or work. I adhere to a strict cut off time at 7.30, whether I finish my work or not, because otherwise, the timing affects the rest of my day. I shut down my macbook and pick my clothes for the day. I don’t put them on because I nurse Joy when she wakes. My clothes are left aside and I get Joy’s uniform plus underpants and head over to the bed to wake her up.

Joy still needs a lot of sleep. If I let her, she can sleep for 13 – 14 hours. After I stopped work, she gets about 10-12 hours a night. When it’s 10 hours and below, she normally stirs and protests but doesn’t wake fully even if I change her. I normally change her while she is still sleeping.

After changing, I engage all efforts possible to wake her up. She wakes up with just enough consiousness to nurse. While she does that I run my fingers through her hair to untangle it and I keep on talking to her to get her to wake. I persevere until she wakes up.

“Do you love mummy?”
“How much?”
*stretches hand out to use her 5 fingers to signify “a lot”*

We are normally too late for her to get breakfast in school. Her appetite normally wakes up much later than she does but I always give her at least a hard boiled egg and one kind of fruit to go. Today, we have egg, grapes and a bao.

Joy’s school doesn’t do drop off at the doorstep. She needs to go through a round of body check up before the teachers will allow us to leave, in case the child is unwell (which I like). If her friends have already gone out for their outdoor time, Joy and I will take a slow walk together to meet up with them. Today, the school has an excursion to catch a mandarin play and she is super happy.

From the point Joy leaves me, there is no real “normal” day or routine. I am in the process of setting my own mineral cosmetics business, it is a dream come true but there is work to do. Today, I decided to take a good breakfast with strong tea, because I’d be driving back to my former work place for the first time and I don’t want to feel hungry or sleepy.

I manage to reach safely to retrieve my items, coach my successor and have lunch with him. The rest of the afternoon was spent self-incorporating the company – not difficult and there are standard documents I could use but I choose to customise the incorporation documents because I am very anal about them (occupational hazard). But yay! Finally done!

You may not believe it, but one of the reasons why I quit my job, was so that I can fetch Joy earlier in the evening. That way she doesn’t get too tired or too hungry. And she doesn’t sleep too late – bedtime used to be 11pm – 12am but now we’ve managed to move it to 9pm. So everyday, I’m at the preschool by 5.30pm.

She decides to throw a tantrum today. I feel frustrated because I want us to get home quickly to have dinner and rest. We eventually agree upon a settlement – take walk at the park nearby together and be at peace with each other on the way home. 

Once we reach home, I do three things straight away. One, take out Joy’s soiled clothing from her bag and put it in the laundry basket, two take out the glass milk bottle and her water bottle and put it by the sink and three, ask Joy to go wash her hands and feet.

We have dinner next. Joy cannot sit still at dinner time, always asking me to play pretend with her but today, she cooperates and eats on her own without much fuss, possibly because she is happy to have had the walk in the park. I don’t cook nowadays for various reasons, so we just eat whatever food there is.

While she eats, I slip into the kitchen to prep her fruits. Today we have grapes and I soak them in vinegar water to get rid of the yucky stuff I don’t want her to eat.

After she is done, I wash. That is why I put her bottles by the sink first thing when we get home – so that I won’t forget to wash them together with our dinner dishes. Today, she asked for the last ice pop we have in the fridge, so I wash the ice-pop tray as well.

Halfway through washing, Joy comes to me with her piano and plays me a tune because she “missed me”.

When she sees that I have washed the ice-pop maker, she knows I’m going to make a new batch again.

She sticks around to watch me put our manuka honey in a glass and then fill up the ice pop maker. And she asks for the residue in the cup, which I gladly give to her.

After all our dishes are washed and the ice-pop is in the fridge, I turn on the heater, before asking her to follow me into the room.

Joy picks her own pajamas today. She is fully diaper free in the day but is still on diapers at night, because she is not ready and I don’t potty train at all.

Next, I traumatise her with dental floss before we go into the bathroom for her bath.

After her bath, she puts on her clothes herself and has three tasks. One to bring all our dirty clothing to wash, two to turn on the air con, three to turn on the air purifier. All while I bathe.

When I’m done with my bath, I blow dry her hair and comb it. Then I blow dry my own.

After which, I tackle the pile of clean clothing left on our bed. For various reasons, I don’t do the laundry, but I have OCD, I must fold our clothes.

While I blow my hair and fold our clothes, Joy gets screen time. Today, she chooses to learn to use the phonics app we got for her.

After I’m done with blow drying my hair and folding our clothing, Joy gets mummy time! Its my favourite time of the day and we spend it doing random things that we think up and chatting about the day.

I work very hard to make sure it’s lights off by 8.30pm. Even if she plays in the dark, she won’t last long. By 9 – 9.30pm, Joy falls asleep while nursing.

Before setting up the business, I would have fallen asleep with her but nowadays, my brain just keeps on working. Ideas and to-dos comes to me at night and I spend time noting them down for action the next day. I find myself falling asleep only at 2-3am in the morning, which makes me very, very tired the next day. I feel very accomplished tonight and very exhausted after consecutive days of little sleep (time to get back to sleeping early again!) , so I gave in to my exhaustion and turn in much earlier. The hubby gets game time on the iPad!

p.s. what a typical weekday looked like when i was a full time working mom here.


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