Scrappin’ Love is 3! [ Giveaway Completed! ]

Each time I come across beautiful scrap books online or those done by friends, I have always taken time to admire them. Scrap books are beautiful not only because of the different craft embellishments and layering one can use to create but also because it is a special way to preserve memories.

Despite my fascination with scrapbooking, I have not tried it myself until I was invited to attend Scrappin’ Love’s 3rd birthday celebration ( Woot! ) . Rachel of Scrappin’ Love did it in true scrapping fashion, we had a whimsical tea party at ET Artisan Sweets (The Grandstand) where a group of scrapbooking lovers came together to design our very own mini travel album with a craft kit specially packed by Rachel.

Alot of embellishments and details went into the craft kit. This is just one part of it. Super love!

There were so many crafting materials we could work with at the scrapping class. Deco punches, beautiful materials provided in the crafting kit and not to forget washi tapes (The Scrappin’ Love shop sells different types of tape. BEAUTIFUL ONES!). I was so lucky to sit right in front of a pile of these beautiful craft materials

Like many, I have totally fallen in love at how washi tape can dress up crafts easily. It’s so easy to fall in love with washi tape!

Here’s Rachel, her very loveable persona and her album prototype.

Photos: Klessis (My J Babies)

When I saw Rachel’s prototype, I was thinking “really?! I can make this at the end of the class?”. It was an exhilarating thought. Made my day!

Putting together a mini album is difficult for a noob like me but Rachel had creative solutions and was very patient. Her step by step guidance for making the album was pretty clear and she also showered each one of us in the class with personalised attention on our work. I was very glad for that because it helped me immensely.

Made the mistake of sticking on the album binding before I punched designs onto the sides (noob lingo!)

We learnt to put together details for the album cover.

And were taught how the inserts were put together using washi and twine alone!

I was very amazed when Rachel showed us how a 6X6” mini album can be used to preserve so much memories. You can include a pamphlet (yes, finally a way to store these usefully!) and also create pockets and slots to insert ticket stubs and other memorable items within the album.

Before I attended the tea party, I could tell that it would be very interesting to craft but didn’t expect a crafting class to be this much fun because I’ve always felt that art is a solitary affair. Check out the happy faces

This is me at the start of the class, already enjoying myself very much!
Photo: Klessis (My J Babies)
Photos: Klessis (My J Babies)
I love Angeline’s cheeky smile in the picture!
Left photo by Klessis (My J Babies). Right photo by myself.

To top off the celebration, we had sweets, cakes and scones from the shop! They were as delicious as they were pretty to look at. Perfect to end off the three hour class!

This is the completed cover of my album. I intend to use it for storing precious details of the little girl’s first trip to Taiwan when she was barely 5 months old. The photo I used is her first taken on an airplane.  I’ll take time to finish the inserts but its so going to be a throughly enjoyable hobby. The hubs and I had a happy time reminiscing about the trip when I was working on the album at home. Scrapping is great for bonding!

**** GIVEAWAY ****

Scrappin’ Love will give 1 lucky winner a whooping 50% one-time discount off scrapbooking class or customize order. This giveaway is transferrable (YAY!) so you can gift it to someone you know who would love some new scrapping materials or even better, attend a scrapbooking class!

To join the giveaway, all you need to do is leave a comment on this post and tell me what you love about scrapbooking or the craft materials on the Scrappin’ Love online shop. THATS IT!

This giveaway will close on 25 June 2013 at 10pm (SGT) and results will be announced in an edit of this post so look out for it on my blog and/or on my FaceBook page here!

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Congrats to SUSAN! You will be contacted with details on how to claim the discount. :)

5 Replies to “Scrappin’ Love is 3! [ Giveaway Completed! ]”

  1. Scrap booking is a lovely way of putting together the tons of photos we have taken and remembering the fun times shared, memories made, milestones reached… :)

  2. I enjoy scrapbookng as it helps to bring back memories of good time. I intend to make one for my recent taiwan trip too. We had such a fun family time and I want to remember and reminise them :)

  3. Love that scrapbooking can be a personalised of giving gifts to someone that is totally unique and pretty at the same time. The time spent on making it is totally worth it and enjoyable for me at the same time!

  4. Scrap booking tames the mind and creativity juice just flows in while on the work.
    After the end of the creation, it gives one a satisfactory feeling. Down the years, when you re-look the scrapbook, you really can feel the joy and love while the piece of art was made.

  5. What I love about scrapbooking is that it is so therapeutic! Relieves stress after a hard day’s work, plus its so pretty! (;

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