2015 | We’re not looking back

Towards the end of every year, I feel the entire atmosphere loosen up – perfect occasion for us faceless people normally stuck in the daily grind to step out of the shadow of making a living. This year, I made a decision to save enough leave to take an entire week off work at the end of the year, so that I can fully enjoy this atmosphere. It will be my reward for a year of hard work.

On the last day, nobody really needs a time reading device. Wherever I am, I know we’re going to hit a new year when people go 10! 9! 8! 7! 6! 5! 4! 3! 2! 1! and the fireworks go off. Nothing happens after that. I call It the “nothing happens” moment. Very unromantic, I know, to think this in the midst of happy, celebrating faces but I’ve been acutely noticing this moment for years now.

I didn’t take any photos of fireworks on NYE. This one was taking at Skyline Luge, make do la.

We spent the last bit of 2014 merry making with friends and our children. The adults had steamboat, wine and champagne and the children had a well stocked playroom. At various points in time, I spied the kids collaborating in a series of seriously funny antics / games. Our host said that after this experience, Joy would finally emerge from the playroom fully understanding what play should be like. I cannot say I disagree. We left at around 3am, slept at around 4am and woke up in time to eat lunch. Gotta live life on the edge sometimes, #YOLO

On the first day of the new year, I wanted to go cycling, because we did it last year and it rejuvenated us. I wanted to make it a tradition to do that every first day of the year, but we spent the day recuperating from the late night out. #badplanning

They say you don’t start the first working day of a year bad but, I didn’t feel well rested on 2nd January and I dragged my feet to work. One more scoop of milo for breakfast made it slightly better. Slightly. Work day didn’t go so well in the end, in fact, pretty bad.

But there is always family. The hubs came to pick me up from work and listened to whatever I had to offload. And Joy, whenever she is near me, I receive positive vibes. We played together till late in the night and fell asleep in each other’s arms. Nobody went to sleep unhappy.

2014 was intense. Like a friend mentioned in comment to this post, “sometimes I don’t feel human“. That’s really how I feel sometimes ever since I went back to working full time because, with the Hubs constantly out of the country, I just have to operate in the way the family needs me to. Got tired. But, I can be hopelessly positive in the most unexpected times and, in the end, we made it right? One scoop of milo at a time. I’d still say we had a good year.

I already know that 2015 will be life changing because we should be collecting keys to our own home this year. People say that home is not a specific place but any place where your family is. I think I know what they mean but, in my eyes, home is a specific place where my family can live in peace and freedom (I know, and housework). Four years of my life waiting and it is finally going to happen. We are not looking back.

Happy 2015!

p.s. Last year’s new year post. Got emo, I’m going to write one every year.


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