15 things I do differently in 2015

This year, I made a conscious choice to work on areas in my/our lives that are manageable and not difficult and I don’t think of these are a list of resolutions but a list of to-dos, so that I will actually do. Many of my to-dos are targeted on working on myself because I think that is the way I can contribute more to the family.

In no order of importance, here are the 15 manageable things I will be doing differently this year, some of which I have already started working on.

Buy only when the need has been discovered

As opposed to “spending less”, I find that thinking about the spending like this helps me more because when a need “has been discovered” it means it is real, rather than imagined.

Take furnishing our new home for example, rather than going to the stores and getting things which one expects to be “standard” for every home, with the exception of items we already know we need (bed, TV for the living room, dining table, sofa), the hubs and I have decided that we will not buy by default. We will start off with no coffee table, no TV in the room, no dressing table, no fancy kitchen equipment and so on and so forth.

Plan ahead financially

The hubs has always been planning for us financially and this year we are working towards what we want to achieve in 3-5 years, with an understanding of how it could possibly affect us in 10 or 20 years. For example, I want to be home based when Joy is in primary school. While we are working on what is needed for me to be able to do that, we also try to anticipate big ticket items that are upcoming in 10 or more years and save up for that gradually by making lifestyle adjustments.

Anything huge is always more achievable when broken down into manageable steps.

Keep the mobile data consumption down

I feel like I made a grave mistake by re-contracting to get a new phone in 2013 because now, my data limit is 3GB, down from 12GB. It costs $10 for every 1GB I exceed.

In January 2015, my consumption was 7GB. As of today, which is about half the month gone, my consumption is 1.853GB. I’ve consumed more than half of my limit, but I probably won’t exceed my data limit more than 2 times. I managed this by:

– changing my chat group and Facebook settings to prevent auto download / auto play of media
– send much less photos myself, or none at all on some days
– turning off mobile data when I reach home and have access to wifi

Surf and chat less

I don’t play games at all – I quit it years ago because I acknowledged my tendency to get too addicted. Surfing and chatting is another story altogether. I used to see it as a means of relaxation but they ended up eating into the time I need for other things and stress me out, so less of those this year for me.

Decline gestures of thanks

I find it more rewarding to ask people whom I have helped to pay it forward when they have a chance themselves, rather than thank me.

Take better photos

I really want to improve on the quality of my photographs. I use a Lumix LX7, I have my eyes on an Olympus EPL-7 but I have close to no photography knowledge. With the help of friends, I’ve started to work on understanding how to use my Lumix first before getting a semi pro.

Sit up straight

I don’t sit up straight without being reminded and even so, I am not really able to sit up straight now. There is nothing to stop ageing but poise is forever, so posture is now my priority.

Sleep earlier

Last year, I worked to sleep within the day (i.e. before 12am) and this year and I find myself being more productive. This year, I’m working to sleep by 10pm and wake at 5am to start my day.

Re-apply sunblock

My sunblock needs to be re-applied every 2 hours and I’ve always forgotten to do that. My aim is to re-apply in the afternoon before I go out for lunch this year.

Think about skincare like food

I have dropped products containing undesirable products in the years before but this year, I find myself starting to think about skincare like food for the skin.I’m looking into home made masks and skincare with food items and/or making my own preparations for use.

Versatile pieces only

I experimented with the idea of wearing only 33 items for 33 days in December last year. I completed the 33 days and I wore less than 33 items but I used the process more for discovering versatile items in my wardrobe to keep, then to pursue the concept of minimalism.

Project 333 | Wear only a total of 33 items for the next 33 days | This is Day 1. #icandoit #project333 #capsulewardrobe

A photo posted by So Oddly Dreamlike (@sooddlydreamlike) on

By the time I was done with the project, I had no urge to buy everything that looked nice or be lured by good discounts anymore. This year, only versatile pieces for me.

Drive to different places

I started driving in September last year, after acquiring license for some time. Since then, I’ve been sending Joy to preschool every day but I don’t feel confident going very far, mainly because I am not familiar with the route. This year in January, Joy was hospitalised and I couldn’t drive her to the hospital, although I had access to the car. It is really time for me to try harder.

Wake my body up with stretching

I’ve started this and I find that some simple stretches while I am still on the bed wakes me up better.

Lemon water in the morning

Fresh lemons or lemon essential oils are going into my morning cup of water everyday to stop myself from falling sick so often.

Let Joy own the responsibility of taking care of herself

Sounds like a lot to ask of a 3 going to 4 year old but what I mean is to simply let Joy have the ownership of watching out for herself, while I watch out for her too. For example, when she falls down from spinning around in her long dress, I ask if she is alright first and then ask her if she has remembered to take care of herself. I do not punish her for falling down but I make it a point to remind her that she is responsible for herself.  

She is so into long dresses. #walkundertheblock #joyotd A photo posted by So Oddly Dreamlike (@sooddlydreamlike) on


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  1. I like the conscious note of keeping the mobile data consumption low – thanks for the reminder; I’ve immediately adjusted my settings in whatsapp for media received :p Have also been eyeing your ootd with Project 333 on IG! Tempted to try… lol!
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    1. Hehe the plus point of watching the mobile data is that I became more present, glad it reminded you too!

      Try the project 333! I’ll be following if you do!
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