10 Eyeliner tips and tricks

Have you seen this video of men trying out eyeliner? It’s hilarious!

Men Try Eyeliner

Posted by SOML on Sunday, 9 August 2015


I caught the men ask why people who put on eyeliner (it’s not just women!) do this to themselves. The answer is preference? Personally, I think make up, like dressing appropriately is a form of respect for certain occasions and sometimes (edit: No, make it all the time), I do it to please myself.

I also catch the men ask “How did you do it?!?!”. Well, if you’d like to be quick and good, just practice. It’s hard not to be able to do something well after doing it repeatedly and learning what works on you and what doesn’t.

I never believed in a one solution for all approach when it comes to skincare or make up – it’s just not logical because everyone is different. However, there’s no harm in trying out what worked for others, to see if it works on you, so I’m sharing some general tips for putting on eyeliner.

Tip 1  | Have no fear

Fears can be explained away but it doesn’t mean they are not there. The most common fear is that you will poke yourself in the eye and it gives rise to the trembling lids and shaky hands – because you are nervous.

But look at your eyeliner, and look whose’s controlling it?  You.

Take a deep breath and try. You don’t have to be able to relax yourself right away at the first try. Take it slow and see if you can draw a portion of your eyeliner (how below) bit by bit. Personally I think that confidence comes from small successes so aim for these.

Tip 2  | Find a comfortable way to stabilise your hand 

If you have shaky hands, find a way to stabilise it that feels comfortable for you.

This is what I do. I don’t rest my hand on a make up puff (because lazy) but it’ll be more ideal to do so, so that you won’t spoil your base make up. Some people put on eye make up first to eradicate this problem all together. Whatever rocks your world.

Tip 3  | Look at your eye shape and features without rose tinted glasses

This one may be hard to swallow for some but absolutely necessary. For example, if you have inner lids, don’t tell yourself that you have double eyelids then go mimic how people with double eyelids draw their eyeliner. It won’t work. You want to find out what works for you, not for what you are not, so do yourself a favour and be honest with yourself.

Tip 4 | Forget about trends and standards

Somewhat related to tip 3. People always say that almond shaped eyes are the most beautiful but if you don’t like almond shaped eyes on yourself, why do it. There are also plenty of eyeliner trends. Cat eyes, very thick lines, very thin lines, white liner on the waterline and so on and so forth. I’ve experimented with some but I didn’t like some of them at all (like white liner on my waterline) and so I don’t wear those looks.

Make up is not about conforming to standards, its about what pleases you when you look into the mirror.

Tip 5  | Have an idea of what shape you’d like to draw

For a start, try drawing different shapes on yourself. Add or reduce length and thickness of your eyeliner randomly then pick the one that pleases you most.

Tip 6 | Find a way to remember it

For example, take a photograph of it, so that you remember how you like it next time round. One of my friends remember how to draw her eyeliner by noting down where to draw, gauging by specific “markings” (such as a specific crease in the eyelid) on her eye. Again, whatever works for you / helps you remember.

Tip 7 | Find a reliable way to recreate it

When I started playing with eyeliners, I recreated what I like by replicating roughly the same thickness and length. That’s all there is to it, just repeating what you like.

One way which I think is very reliable is to draw your eyeliner on the inner corner (for roundness) , in the middle (for thickness) and at the end (for length) then connect it.

Tip 8 | Draw on the inner corner of your eyes for rounder eyes

If you’d like the illusion of rounder eyes, try filling in the inner corner of your eyes. It works to add a “shadow” to that portion to make your eyes look much rounder.

Tip 9 | Draw a longer line at the end to lengthen eyes

Self explanatory!

Tip 10 | Have patience and keep on practicing

Since young, I’ve always pushed myself to learn quickly but when I don’t, I give myself a break and go slow. If you don’t get it right away, wipe it off and try again. Or try again tomorrow. Or whenever you next feel like trying. Just keep on practising. You will be able to do it better and better and more quickly than ever.

Thats about all I have to share on how to put on eyeliner. I hope that at least some of these help you with your eyeliner struggle (if any)!

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