de Hygienique | Mattress Deep Cleaning Services Review (With 10% Discount!)

It’s been almost five years since we splurged on our bedding and accessories. Was it worth it? A big fat yes but, especially when Joy kept on getting respiratory problems in the past, I’ve been kept busy, cleaning the nasty stuff away from our bed. For a long time, I relied on: 1. A HEPA […]


7 things I love about Times Bookstore at Waterway Point

Event Invite I love books and Waterway Point is right in my neighbourhood. It’s a joy to have a good bookstore near you and I’m sharing 7 things I love about Times Bookstore at Waterway Point. ITS BEAUTIFUL AND INSTAGRAM-ABLE   2. THE WORKSHOP / ACTIVITY SPACE Times have changed, bookstores are not just for buying […]


Sea Apple Shop | Stylish Little Clothes for Chinese New Year ( with Discount & Giveaway )

[WINNER ANNOUNCEMENT: Congratulations to Jamie Chaw, for wining yourself a lovely cheongsam for your little girl!] Four years into motherhood, I still carry a smile on my face when I dress Joy. Her clothing are still miniature (I love little clothes!) and Joy has such strong opinions about them. I still get to decide what goes […]


HDB BTO Singapore | Defects checking

We purchased premium flats from HDB but the contractor that built our estate did a pretty bad job for many of the units. I know of people who rather accept all defects existing, then have their contractor do up whatever necessary in order not to delay the renovation process but personally, eye glaring defects are not […]