EuroAuto Lounge | Deep cleaning and pest fumigation of the car

Our ride has been through alot in the last 9 years. Many road trips, one major pee accident while stuck on the causeway, one major vomitting incident all over the car seat and our big move to the new home. The air circulated within the car is stale and I had enough of the roaches roaming around. […]


Punggol Safra | Whats there for families with kids?

Before it even opened its door, the hubs and I signed up for a 10year and 5-year supplementary membership respectively, so that we could visit Punggol Safra often. We envisioned it to be one of our entertainment centres, bonus that it is close to home. Now that Punggol Safra has officially opened its doors, and […]


Air+ Smart Mask | How we picked our masks for protection against the haze

I distinctively remember how painful it was the last time we experienced the haze. We didn’t get pollution as bad as we did in 2014, but the haze was around for a prolonged period of time. My tolerance level towards the haze dipped to an all time low. I feel frustrated that we have to struggle to breathe, […]


de Hygienique | Mattress Deep Cleaning Services Review (With 10% Discount!)

It’s been almost five years since we splurged on our bedding and accessories. Was it worth it? A big fat yes but, especially when Joy kept on getting respiratory problems in the past, I’ve been kept busy, cleaning the nasty stuff away from our bed. For a long time, I relied on: 1. A HEPA […]